Metal decorative ceiling brackets installed

Finally! This project was challenging. Five different designs totally 20 brackets was the result. These hefty metal brackets are wrapped around distressed beams, which are part of a new event space building here in Lee's Summit. The building is called The Stanley and this space is named the Aspen Room. Each beam is different in size, so creating a one-size fits all bracket was out of the question. Lots of measuring and re-measuring.

This bracket enveloped a large beam crossing the room.

The beams criss-cross the room under a beautiful tin ceiling.

At four points, the beams intersect with a vertical support column. This was an especially challenge design in metal. Lots of bends and welds. In addition, we added a strap of steel under the bracket.

Where the beams enter the wall, a shelf-style bracket was used. All of the brackets are anchored with 1/2 inch lag screws.

If you look closely, several designs of brackets are seen in this view. Saddle brackets on the intersecting beams and end brackets where the beams meet the wall.

Here is a view of the entry doors. Lots of woodwork dominates the room. The metal brackets add a different detail.

This saddle bracket is made from 14 gauge steel. The piece is trimmed out using 3/4 inch angle and 1/2 inch flat bar for a more finished look.