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    Rustic door handles for a garden shed

    Finished a pair of rustic door handles recently. These are hardware for a newly constructed garden shed. The handles are combination of old parts and new material. We used a portion of a vintage horse bridal for the handles, which dangle from the plate...and make a cool sound when they clang on the plate! A sturdy metal backing plate makes it easy to attach to the shed doors. Each handle is distressed, rusted and coated with acrylic sealer for a great look. These are approx. 13 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.


    Bottle Monster garden sculpture on the prowl

    Another Bottle Monster is loose in the garden. This spiny creature is ready for its colorful plummage of bottles. This bottle tree-style sculpture has 18 spines for all kinds of bottles. The sculpture stands about 8-feet tall and is about 10-feet long.

    This beast stands in a newer garden. Imagine how beautiful it will be in the springtime!


    Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired gate ready for service

    Spent a cool, but beautiful day installing this new entry gate. The gate's design is a combination of Frank Lloyd Wright and Craftsman style. The client's home has some of those same characteristics and our goal was to create a gate that captured those details. These two gates span an opening of 21 feet. Each gate is is more than 10 feet wide and amost five feet tall. 

    The gates are made of all-steel components. Each piece is welded together, creating a gate that will last.

    The gates are powdercoated satin black for a durable, long-lasting finish.

    The gates are anchored to two posts. The posts are attached to the existing brick columns and in the ground for incredible strength.

    The angles and lines of this design make a stunning entryway to the home.

    Automatic gate openers will be installed soon. The openers allow the gates to swing toward the house.

    Thank you, Dianne, for the opportunity to work together on this project! The photo below is a photo of me, tired, but relieved. A big thank you also to Ed and Freddie from The Fence Man for all their help and guidance.


    Peace and Love hanging sculpture

    Here is simple expression in metal. This hanging sculpture is perfect to place indoors or out. A bright glass ornament hangs below. The steel surface is treated with a rust finish and then covered with a clear acrylic coating. This piece is 14 in. wide. Call or email me if you would like one. These sculptures are $65, which includes shipping.

    The large hanger makes it easy to display in any setting.


    A special sculpture made in memory 

    This sculpture is called 'Life Times'. It was made in memory of a local man who had a great love for parks, dogs and children. The sculpture was commissioned in his honor. This public art is located at the entrance of the Gamber Center in Lee's Summit, Mo.

    The sculpture is made up of four large panels. Scenes that depict children playing, running, swinging and flying kites are cut from the steel.

    The idea is that throughout the day and seasons, light and shadow will change constantly on the sculpture. So, no matter from what angle you view the piece, it looks different.

    The sculpture is situated in the middle of a beautiful flower garden that is managed by Master Gardeners of Kansas City.

    The piece is anchored to a large concrete base. The heavy steel panels are bolted to the center post.

    A simple sign tells visitors about the sculpture.

    The panels are powdercoated with naturalistic colors.