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    Little Free Library takes the shape of a church

    St. Paul's Episcopal Church in downtown Lee's Summit, Mo is the proud owner of this Little Free Library. The church is one of the oldest in the city. The original chapel has a charming bell tower and a bright red door. Those are details I wanted to bring to the design of this Library.

    The church Little Free Library is made entirely from steel. This makes for a sturdy, long-lasting structure, which can handle all kinds of weather and use.

    The Library is placed along the street. Lots of nearby neighbors and church patrons can take advantage of the book sharing.

    The books can be safely stored and displayed behind acrylic window. The door has a simple latch that is easy for all ages to open.

    The Library is painted by hand, using tough enamel paint. It makes it easy to touch it up, if needed.



    Custom metal bathroom stalls

    This was the first time I have been asked to create some custom bathroom stalls. And it was a challenge! Main Slice Pizza is located in a cool old building in downtown Lee's Summit, Mo. The design style throughout the restaurant is a neat mix of industrial, brick, neon and wood. So, I set out to make some handmade metal restroom stalls in the women's bathroom, something that would compliment the rest of the interior.

    The stalls are made from 1.5 inch steel tube with sheets of steels to fill out the dividers.

    We added old wooden doors which were painted black. The doors swing on simple post hinges.

    I wanted to leave the weld marks, grinder marks and heat rainbows on the steel.

    The stalls are attached to the vintage tile floor.

    The stalls are all ADA-compliant. Wide enough for wheelchairs.

    The steel panels, posts and beams are left in their natural state. I coated everything with lacquer.


    Eiffel Tower wind chime looks lovely

    This charming handmade Eiffel Tower wind chime is ready to create some simple sounds in the garden. This sturdy wind chime can hold up to all kinds of wind and weather. A metal stylized outline of the Eiffel Tower is in the center. Funky symbols collide with the Tower, clinging and clanging in the breeze. It is made from steel that has a brushed finish. Outside, nature will paint it a warm rusty brown.


    Removable fence panels are practical

    Do have a portion of your yard or property that you wish was fenced off, but still easy to get to? Well, here is simple and quick remedy. This homeowner wanted to keep the dogs away from a section of the backyard. So, I designed a drop-in fence panel. This all-steel fence panel is light enough to remove and place to the side, so access for mowing is just moments away. The fence panel rests in small U-channels on each post.

    The fence is strong enough to keep dogs out...and looks good, too! Place the fence to the side when you want access, then replace it back onto the posts.


    Metal table legs work great

    Here is a good solution to create a really cool table. The owner created a beautiful table top and I made a pair of U-shaped metal legs to hold everything up. The table is 8 feet long by 18 inches wide. The steel table legs have hidden tabs that screw into the wood table. A clean and contemporary look!

    The legs are made from steel and given a brushed finish. Everything is welded together for strength.