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    Copper Italy wall sculpture

    This was such an enjoyable project! I was asked to create a copper relief map of Italy and its islands. This piece is made from copper sheet with a Rojo finish. The terrain of Italy was embossed by hand. Once finished, the copper sheet was attached to a backing board for rigidity. Plus, this added extra depth to the wall hanging. The sculpture is approx. 36 inches tall by 20 inches wide. Thank you, Barbara!

    I used assorted wooden clay tools to press the mountains and hills into the copper.



    Little Free Library for Longview Farm Elementary

    Another Little Free Library is open for book sharing! This book barn is located on the grounds of Longview Farm Elementary in Lee's Summit, Mo. The school kids helped come up with the design of this library. They requested a barn, which is what their school is designed around. Longview Farm Elementary is built around a beautifully restored show horse barn.

    A bright red paint job helps the Little Free Library really stand out.

    This Library is located in New Longview, a walkable neighborhood with houses close together, front porches and lots of sidewalks.

    The Library is right outside the school door, offering easy access to books for people of all ages.

    The weathervane on top of the Library is the school's logo of a show horse.

    A interior of the Library is fully weatherproof and ready for books and other items. The Library has dividers to mimic horse stalls. Also, a hidden hay loft is inside, too.

    The entire Library is made from steel and coated with durable enamel paint. These sturdy structures are long-lasting and will hold up in every environment.


    Metal deck posts are perfect

    I just finished a series of five deck posts. These posts stand tall, over 5 feet, and are outfitted with loops to hang flowers, lanterns or whatever you like. The top ring is a perfect place to string party light. Each of the posts are powdercoated a rich light brown. The posts attach to existing wood deck posts. These posts make a great addition to your deck living.



    Joy to the Word

    Joy is a short but hopeful word. This metal word sculpture is adorned with a pretty piece of purple slag glass. These handcut word sculptures look charming in the garden, on the wall or hanging in front of a window. Metal words come with a hanger and your choice of color for the glass. A great gift idea! Prices start at $40. Just let me know the word and I'll take it from there.


    Donor Wall display and graphics installed

    Finally! The Donor Wall display and graphics are installed and looking good. This display honors the people and families who have made significant donations to the Lee's Summit Educational Foundation's Generations fund. This was a long, but very gratifying project. We worked all day to install the more than 70 colorful leaves, trunk and etched panels. Here is a closer look:

    The display fills a big space...more than 10 feet by 8 feet. The wall is located in the soaring lobby of the Stansberry Leadership Center. The idea was to use this as an opportunity to create a beautiful sculpture accented by the recognition panels.

    I used a variety of materials in the wall design. Metal leaves and trunk, Rowmark panels, acrylic panes and vinyl decals are the main elements.

    The bottom of the wall begins at about 5 feet off the ground. So, lots of space and the challenge of creating something that people will be looking up to view.

    From the second floor, the Donor Wall shows off all the components in a colorful way.

    The leaves are powdercoated a variety of colors. Each leaf has two spacers that offset it from the wall. This creates interesting shadows and depth throughout the light-filled lobby.

    The panels are a metal-looking Rowmark material. A laser was used the etch the names into each panel.

    Clear acrylic panels rise above the copper-colored name panels. This helps enhance the depth and interest of the wall.