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    A special sculpture made in memory 

    This sculpture is called 'Life Times'. It was made in memory of a local man who had a great love for parks, dogs and children. The sculpture was commissioned in his honor. This public art is located at the entrance of the Gamber Center in Lee's Summit, Mo.

    The sculpture is made up of four large panels. Scenes that depict children playing, running, swinging and flying kites are cut from the steel.

    The idea is that throughout the day and seasons, light and shadow will change constantly on the sculpture. So, no matter from what angle you view the piece, it looks different.

    The sculpture is situated in the middle of a beautiful flower garden that is managed by Master Gardeners of Kansas City.

    The piece is anchored to a large concrete base. The heavy steel panels are bolted to the center post.

    A simple sign tells visitors about the sculpture.

    The panels are powdercoated with naturalistic colors.


    Handmade metal sign for Blue Heron Design

    Blue Heron Design is a cool and funky shop in downtown Lee's Summit, Mo. The challenge was to replace their aging wooden and vinyl sign with something that captured the vibe of the store better. So, I created this handmade steel sign. The logo and name of the business is cut from a steel sheet. Steel bars frame the sign. The entire piece is given a rusty finish and sealed with acrylic coating. A portion of the logo is offset from the background and painted a hammered silver.

    The sign is offset from the brick to add depth and shadow.

    In addition, I made a smaller projection sign. A big circle shows off just the logo of the store. A custom bracket holds the sign.


    Metal shadow box for mementos

    Here is neat idea to show off a special memento. How about a metal shadow box? This box showcases a wedding braid. I can make these to almost any dimension...or to fit any item.

    This box is unfinished steel, but they could be painted.

    The back has a hole to hang the box. In this case, the hole is hidden behind the braid.


    A contemporary sign for a church

    In addition, to creating a Little Free Library for St. Paul's Episcopal Church, I also made them a new sign. The sign frame reflects the pattern of the nearby chapel windows. A simple cross highlights the crest. This sign is sturdy, made from steel. It will hold up to lawnmowers bumping into it, people leaning on it and the weather pounding it. The sign graphics are printed on Dibond, an aluminum material that is durable and rigid.

    The sign frame is powdercoated for extra protection. The sign is set in concrete. Next spring, a flower garden will surround the sign, adding to the beauty of the church.


    A double shot of Joy

    These little inspirational metal words make a great gift. They are handmade, cut from steel and adorned with a beautiful piece of slag glass. These were given to a wedding planner and minister for their work in helping with the ceremony. A nice (and budget-friendly) way to say Thank You!