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    Church donor wall display installed

    We installed this church donor wall display this weekend. This display honors the people that have given money and time to make several changes at the St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Lee's Summit, Mo. The graphics were designed and applied to the glass. A steel symbol of the Jerusalem cross is mounted to the glass for color and added dimension. The bright red paint is eye-catching.


    Let Art Play A Part

    The message of Fossil Forge is being spread. This sculpture is perched on the stump of a shagbark hickory. 'Let Art Play A Part' is a simple slogan for life that has been the spirit of our shop and garden for years. I am happy to see it spreading to other yards and neighborhoods. This sculpture is handmade from steel. It can be rotated on the shaft to show off the message in any direction.


    Handmade door handles ready to hold

    These solid steel door handles offer a great first impression. These are made from 3/4 inch solid bar, heated and turned. The handles are welded to a plate. A matching handle is on the inside of the door. These are finished in a dark bronze paint.


    A great way to display house numbers

    Here is a simple way to add some style to your home...update your address numbers! The numbers are cut from 1/8 in. steel and painted with a hammered finish. They are offset from the wood background to create a shadow for added effect. Why not let Fossil Forge create your address in a one-of-a-kind font and design? We can make these for you in a variety of finishes. And, we can ship them to you...they are easy to install.


    Interior signage shows off personality

    The Stanley Event Space is a pair of beautiful buildings in downtown Lee's Summit, Mo. It is a fine combination of old and new. Here are two examples of signage we made to distinguish the interior spaces. The signs are printed on metal and use a variety of materials. Metal cutouts of their aspen logo accent one of the sign styles. Offset fasteners are used for attaching to doors and walls. Both signs incorporate existing branding elements. Several variations of these signs can be found throughout their properties.