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    Metal table legs work great

    Here is a good solution to create a really cool table. The owner created a beautiful table top and I made a pair of U-shaped metal legs to hold everything up. The table is 8 feet long by 18 inches wide. The steel table legs have hidden tabs that screw into the wood table. A clean and contemporary look!

    The legs are made from steel and given a brushed finish. Everything is welded together for strength.


    Handcrafted metal vase ready for flowers

    This special vase was made for the upcoming Art for Arthritis auction. This summer, I worked with a young artist creating a personal sculpture. As part of this exercise, I had to make a piece to compliment the artist's expression. This vase is made from metal orphans and other cast-off pieces. I filled the clear glass with colorful red marbles.


    Protective metal railing keeps a dumpster in its place

    A local building owner needed some help. Along the alley, trash collectors were a little rough when moving the dumpsters around. As a result, the heavy dumpster damaged the back of the building. So, we came up with a sturdy steel rail that will keep future damage from happening. The railing is made from 2-inch steel tube. It reaches across 11 feet. A satin black finish is easy to touch up if the dumpster makes a mark.

    The protective railing has a match in a shorter handrail that is anchored by the back steps.

    The rails are attached with handy tabs on the top and bottom.

    So, how does it work? Well, here are a couple of photos with the dumpster. The railing is installed at the perfect height to prevent any further damage.


    Lee's Summit Educational Foundation wall display and graphics

    One of this year's projects was the design, fabrication and installation of this interpretive display for the Lee's Summit Educational Foundation. Wall graphics, mounted displays and a metal sculptural logo were key ingredients. The display is installed in the lobby of the Stansberry Leadership Center. Thank you to the Foundation, Sheryl Franke and many others who made this project a reality.

    The display covers the end cap of a staircase. The Foundation logo is cut from metal and mounted to the wall using offsets to add dimension to the display. LED lighting help show off the graphics.

    Graphics display the names of donor. These are removable, so they can be updated annually.

    The wall space offers an opportunity to show visitors what the Foundation does for the school district and community.

    A large vinyl wall covering is applied to the background of the display. Black aluminum edges help frame the permanent display.


    Colorful Little Free Library at the Ellen Noel Art Museum

    What a weekend! I was very pleased to finally install the latest Little Free Library to come out of Fossil Forge. This Library has a new home at the Ellen Noel Art Museum in Odessa, Tex. The Library is covered with colorful bugs and spiders. It is made completely of steel and is tough and durable. A beautiful hand-painted finish will attract book lovers for years to come.

    The Library is placed in the garden courtyard of the museum.

    A colorful spider dangles from a chain. Glass eyes reflect the sun.

    A shiny black ant scales the left side of the Library.

    On top, a praying mantis and ladybug watch over the garden.

    The Library is the perfect height for all ages.

    A door opens to reveal the spacious for lots of books!

    This Library is sponsored by the Junior League of Odessa, Tex.

    The bright sun shows off the many colors of the Library.

    The brick courtyard garden is a pleasant place to pick a book and relax.