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    Classic sign for classic cars

    Summit Classic Autos is a business that deals with vintage and hard-to-find newer sports cars. I was commissioned to make a sign for the inside of the business. This double-sided sign is printed vinyl on MaxMetal. The 'Classic' words are handcut and rusted, then given a glossy acrylic coating. The sign elements are offset to create some interesting shadows and depth.

    A sign is a reflection of older style flange signs that could be found at service stations and general stores. The sign is approx. 32 inches wide by 24 inches tall.



    Metal birdhouse made of many things

    This funky found object birdhouse sculpture was created for the benefit of Downtown Lee's Summit Main Street for their 25th anniversary celebration. The sculpture was part of a silent auction, showcasing downtown businesses and services. This metal birdhouse is a collection of parts, bolts and stuff from my shop. A large hook allows it to hang, or it can just sit on its bottom. The greenish blue eyes are large marbles.

    The back of the birdhouse has a flap door. Here, you can access the inside to clean out an old nest, or hide something! This sculpture is made to go inside or out. However, if placed outside, it will eventually get a rust coating.


    Custom speaking podium stands tall

    Made from steel and wood, this custom podium is ready to share the stage. This speaker's stand has a simple lip to hold notes, laptops or tablets. The warm cherry wood makes a fine contrast to the podium's strong metal frame. This podium was built for a church in Raytown, Mo. Their logo is displayed on the sign. A big thank you to Tom Merrell for his expert woodworking skills on this project.

    The stand has a handy water bottle holder. It will keep the drink in a safe spot, out of sight from the audience.

    Four casters make this stand easy to roll on hard surfaces or carpet. The stand top is 20 inches wide.

    The podium frame is powdercoated satin black. This stand is built to last, using quality construction and materials.


    Rustic door handles for a garden shed

    Finished a pair of rustic door handles recently. These are hardware for a newly constructed garden shed. The handles are combination of old parts and new material. We used a portion of a vintage horse bridal for the handles, which dangle from the plate...and make a cool sound when they clang on the plate! A sturdy metal backing plate makes it easy to attach to the shed doors. Each handle is distressed, rusted and coated with acrylic sealer for a great look. These are approx. 13 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.


    Bottle Monster garden sculpture on the prowl

    Another Bottle Monster is loose in the garden. This spiny creature is ready for its colorful plummage of bottles. This bottle tree-style sculpture has 18 spines for all kinds of bottles. The sculpture stands about 8-feet tall and is about 10-feet long.

    This beast stands in a newer garden. Imagine how beautiful it will be in the springtime!