Mr. Crankypants out in public

Well, he did it. The second rolling ball sculpture to come out of Fossil Forge Metalworks made its public debut this past weekend at Lee's Summit Downtown Days. This one is called 'Mister Crankypants'...named for the bicycle crank attached to its right side. Four separate tracks carry marbles throughtout the twisting turning maze.

Water streams from the mouth of Mr. Crankypants, ready to douse any marble that misses a jump.

Down below, goldfish dart through a tank filled with the carcasses of lost marbles. A pleasant trickle of water captures the attention of viewers. A chrome bicycle fender creates a pendulum effect as the marbles teeter totter their way back to the bottom.

Young and old played with and watched this interactive rolling ball machine.

The clanking and clanging of dozens of marbles captured the attention of the public, even during a noisy and hectic festival.

Mister Crankypants was joined by Roly-Poly. The beetle-shaped rolling ball sculpture was making its second appearance at the festival.

Roly-Poly was looking fine with its colorful coat of paint.