Nature park signs are put in their place

Sunday dawned cloudy and dry. After a couple of days of big storms, this was our window of opportunity. The Ray Harrall Nature Park is located in Broken Arrow, Okla. A beautiful nature center is the gateway to the trails that lace across the area. The signs were installed by the main stone sign by the parking lot. The Tulsa Audubon Society has been creating a native plant habitat around the stone structure. The new signs will add some information about the gardens. This first photo shows the installation area.

Time to dig. The holes were pretty easy to make. Sandy soil and no rocks or roots.

Several bags of concrete and the signs were in place. Just a little leveling and adjusting needed. As we were finishing the pour, a few rumbles and sprinkles halted our momentum.

Here are the unveiled signs, cloudy day and all.

I designed these signs to be tough and sturdy. The 4x4 legs and lateral supports anchor the signs. In addition, the steel frame top gives a clean and strong finished look.

The bolted attachments on each sign will give access to the interior of the signs, if needed.

Finished! Always a good feeling. Here are a couple shots of the completed project.