A final flourish for the signs

Painting the park signage structures went smoothly. A couple coats of black enamel will create a durable finish. The frames I left for last. I added attachments on each to bolt to the main structure. Both frames were also primed and painted. The photo below is before the black paint was applied.

I had to pay special attention to the sign graphics. I produced these and had them printed on a poly-metal material. This should ensure that they stand up to the moisture and sun. Water is the main culprit to defend against. So, I sealed the Lexan panels in for each frame with a silicone adhesive, the same type that is used to seal shower enclosures.

Next, I cut a plastic backer board to rest between the graphics and the metal plate. This will raise the sign graphics above the metal plate that is the bottom or back of the sign. So, just in case any moisture makes it way in, the printed graphics are high and dry.

Here is a look at the finished sign graphics. Bold colors and easy-to-read typography were critical design components.