Holiday Windows unveiled

What a great night! Beautiful fall weather and a big crowd were out enjoying the Power & Light District. At 6 p.m., the windows were uncovered and 12 new artworks were revealed. The piece I created is called Flow.

Here is the concept behind the sculpture: Goodness, especially during the holiday season, moves through each of us. This is represented with moving water. Clean water flows through each section. Our community, visualized with the four faces, interact with the water as it moves from mouth to mouth. The gentle sound of the trickling water captures the quiet, meditative mood of December. The water stream pours across a column of fractured slag glass. The brightly-colored glass sparkles under a sheen of water. The glass shows off our diversity of faiths and beliefs during the season. The water is recirculated again, representing the pattern of tradition during the holidays.

The sculpture is at MeMa's Bakery (12th and Main). They are a terrific local business that deserves our support.

Also, if you can, please vote for Flow at The MS Society of Mid-America is my charity. So, if my sculpture wins, then the MS Society will too!