A metal map of Italy

In the process of creating a couple of projects for a local Italian restaurant called Perazelli's. Their newest location is opening soon in Raymore, Mo. The goal was to create a cool art piece for the entryway. Made of stacked stone and featuring a fireplace, the entry is a definite focal point. The owner had a simple request: Make a map of Italy (and its islands) from steel. Oh, and offset it from the stone wall so it looks like it is floating. Attaching it to the wall was tricky. The rock faces are uneven and not the same depth, so it took some planning to hang properly. The pieces are finished with a light pewter patina and then two coats of acrylic sealer were brushed on.

This photo (below) shows the clip system I used to attach the maps. I used a paper template to mark the locations on the rock. A hammerdrill was used to drill the holes. Then, I attached L-shaped brackets (with shims to level and square everything) with Tapcon screws. A sturdy and effective way to hang this sculpture.