Metal park signs under construction

This week I have been working on a pair of informational signs. These signs will stand in a small park in Broken Arrow, Okla. Lots to design problems to solve. These need to be tough against the elements and pesky parkgoers. Here are few photos along the way.

The signs are beefy. Each stands more that five feet tall. But after they are installed in the ground, they should reach a little over three feet. Perfect to present the graphics. Sorry about the blurry photos, my camera is acting funky.

The informational graphics will be display inside this removable metal frame. This will act as protection and give a finished look to the top of the sign.

The sign graphics will be covered by a 1/4-inch piece of Lexan. Lexan is much more durable than traditional plexiglass. It is hard to scratch and break. Plus, it stands up to the sunlight better.