Window security cages are installed

Spent the last couple of days finishing the Window Cage project. This was an interesting problem to solve. The client wanted something to address the issue of covering the window wells at a 1940s-era house. Security, good design and practicality were crucial. Also, access for the family cat and a place to climb out in an emergency were key. Each cage is approximately 3 feet deep by 6 feet wide. Plus, the angle of each is different because of the grade around the house. Plexiglass panels will cover each side. This will prevent leaves and other yard debris to gather in the wells.

This cage has a hinged hatch that can be opened. But most of the time it will be locked.

The top of each cage has a steel silhouette of a cardinal. Each window structure is made from 1/2 inch steel bar and 1 inch steel tube. It is all covered in black enamel paint.