Custom metal light sconces are illuminating

Today, I installed nine light sconces at Perazelli's restaurant. The sconces are each hand-cut and cold-formed to shape. I used an existing light fixture for reference and designed the shades to attach to them. Here is a little step-by-step of how they were born.

1. I cut out blanks from a 16-gauge steel sheet. Two side were clean and straight. The other sides were hand cut for a more informal appearance.

2. Using a template, I outlined the logo of the restaurant onto each. Just had to make sure everything was centered. At this stage, I also drew the corner designs and drilled out the hole attachment.

3. After cutting out the design with a plasma torch, I muscled the pieces into shape. The correct radius was created using a hammer, anvil and large piece of pipe. Oh, I also used a grinder to make a clean surface on the steel.

4. Next, I used a solution to help make the pieces rust quickly. This is a cool process. After achieving the color I liked, I brush on an acrylic sealer. This creates a glossy finish and protects each piece.

5. Lastly, each sconce was fastened to its mount. The restaurant is still under construction, so no booths are nearby. But you can get the idea of how they will look.