Backstop for a sailboat shop

Spent this week putting the finishing touches on a cool project I have been working on for a Lawrence, Kan. sailboat shop. The idea was to create a unique counter and backstop display for the store. An architect friend of mine provided some clear drawings and a nifty little model to work from. Looks easy enough. But this was complicated job, one that had exacting specifications. Here's a tour of the project:

The model


Under construction 
I used 1-inch diameter tube for the piece. It certainly began to fill up my studio as it grew.


Here's a shot of the counter skeleton in front of the backstop. 


The counter frame is complete. I added tabs to attach to counter piece. And there are two places for shelves.


Delivery day

I borrowed a trailer and off we went. We used a few straw bales to help hold everything in place for the drive to Lawrence. This picture shows a friend positioning the wooden counter piece on the trailer. Not exactly the prettiest-looking load, but it made it safely.


Installation at the shop
Setup went smoothly. The sailboat shop has great access and enormous ceilings. We rolled in the backstop and bolted the sections together. The wood for the counter is reclaimed Sycamore. It looks great. The top consists of 3 planks, each 10 inches wide, 2 inches thick and 7 feet long.



Both pieces have steel casters to make rearranging in the shop a breeze.


The counter is treated with a simple varnish.