Bad bugs

Well, here are the finished bugs. These are going to the gallery, where hopefully, they will find a new home. Each of these sculptures is approx. four feet tall. They are strongly welded to steel posts for display in the garden or in a container.

Lady Beetle: I used steel from old political signs for the legs and antennae. Some big washers and nuts add some texture to the bug.

Centipede: Cut from sheet steel, this creature is adorned with old bolts and washers. Spiky drill bits jut from its tail. A couple of vintage gears add a crest to its back.

Spider: Again, I used castoff steel from political signs for its legs. Nuts and bolts add some details. A wide gear is attached to the arachnid's back.

Wasp: Washers and bits of old pipe make for some bumpy texture. I used some leftover allen wrenches for the legs. No stinger on this insect.