First Friday fun

Had a chance to show a few pieces at last night's First Friday event here in Kansas City. Here are some shots of the sculptures. The first is called 'PressBot'. This piece stands more than six feet tall and weighs, well, a lot more than I had planned. It is a struggle to move it around. The sculpture is made from old press parts. The frame is two-inch square tube.


The 'bot has a Cyclops eye that spins. Just to keep watch on you. 


This next piece is called 'Radiator'. It is made from salvaged steel, slag glass and a vintage automobile radiator cap. I keep wondering...wouldn't this look cool with a light shining up from below, illuminating the glass? The piece stands about four feet tall.


Had to make another spider and bird. Here they are. The spider is much larger than the last. Plus, because it balances on only four of its eight legs, it trembles when nudged. The bird is part of a larger project. Eventually, it will be perched in a steel nest atop a chimney. I want it to attract looks, not lightning.