Here we go...

It's going to be a crazy week in the shop. I am creating several pieces for a garden show I am taking part in next weekend. Been pounding out a few Firesticks and Window Words. Next up are several Garden Bug stakes and such. I look forward to a week off where I can work and laze around. This photo shows three Firesticks finished. I have them clamped to the table so the the glass ornaments will dry correctly in their settings.


Here's a look at some drawings I have done for the garden stakes. I use a Sharpie marker to draw directly onto the sheet steel. I use a plasma cutter to cut 'em out.


Just because it is such a beautiful day here at Fossil Forge, I thought I'd toss in a couple other shots of art in the garden. Here is a rattlesnake sculpture on the fence. And the other photo shows the Bottle Flowers and Bottle Monster. We have had so much rain lately...that the yard and garden are as lush and vibrant as ever.