Out in the garden

Well, its time to put the sculpture out in the garden. Today, I attached the feet that will eventually be welded to the plate mounts. I picked up some concrete mix to fill the three holes for the Bottle Monster to rest on. Here's the spot at Fossil Gardens where it will reside, right next to the pond.


This area is a mix of asters, poppies, bluestem and Indian grasses. Later in the year, coneflowers and black-eyed Susan will take over. All these prairie plants will create a nest-like setting for the Monster.


The head of the Monster will reach over the path to graze on nearby Bottle Flowers (above). Over time, this portion of the garden will really look cool...clustered with creatures and plants, both metal and real.  Here is a look at the simple, but sturdy way the feet are assembled (below). This small foot will be bolted to a metal plate (below) which is secured in the concrete footing. I am making the Monster moveable, just in case I need to rearrange the garden in the future.